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Open Source Resolution Passed

Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee Adopts Resolution Promoting Open Source Software for Elections

"Open Voting Consortium is offering some real solutions to the problems we now have with proprietary voting systems. It's about time we get serious about supporting these initiatives." That's how Thomas Gangale, Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee member and author of the resolution put it.

Gangale adds, "There is no excuse for secret processes in the voting system. The public has an absolute right to know how our votes are processed. It's unfortunate that AB 2097, the bill sponsored by Open Voting Consortium -- carried by Assembly Member Jackie Goldberg of Los Angeles -- did not receive the necessary support to be signed into law this year. We want to make sure that OVC's new bill will have all the support needed."

"This is a non-partisan issue and we hope to engage Republicans on this issue. We believe that this resolution is something that should be adopted by all political parties in California and around the United States as well. We ask readers to assist us in spreading this hopeful idea promoting open and accountable government."

Go to this link to see a copy of the resolution:

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