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FIND OUT! Friday Eve, OCT 6, Half Moon Bay

If you're in Northern California and can make it to Half Moon Bay Friday evening, I think you will find this event very stimulating. Mark Crispin Miller, author of FOOLED AGAIN will be speaking. I will also be speaking -- along with Jim March of Black Box Voting fame.

I will be talking about where we're at, and the Open Voting vision of what's possible for the future. How can we return the process to the people? What are we doing now and what do we plan to do? Are computers to be avoided, or are they key instruments for open government?

Mark Crispin Miller and Jim March are great speakers -- informative, inspirational, and entertaining. They will give the us the very latest insights. There will be a question and answer session after our presentations.

Here are the particulars: (also on this flyer).
535 Kelly St., HALF MOON BAY

Thank you for getting involved in this critical issue for the future of democracy.

Alan Dechert

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