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Alan Dechert Speaking Sep 29 in San Francisco

Dear Friends of Open Voting:

Here's the announcement about this event (quoted from http://www.owlsf.org/calendar.php)

OWL SF Calendar
Monthly Meeting - Guests Welcome
Saturday September 29, 2007
(Note Location: Unitarian Church, 1187 Franklin)

Will Your Vote be Counted?

Election integrity is a big topic right now. There is increasing evidence that there was massive fraud in 2000 and 2004. Federal legislation concerning election integrity has been proposed, but some legislators are skeptical. California's Secretary of State has found that all the voting machines in CA can be hacked. Both the voting machines themselves and the computers that tally totals are problematic. San Francisco's voting machines have been decertified, and we may use paper ballots next election. What does all this mean? Alan Dechert, founder and CEO of Open Voting Consortium, will shed light on this. He will talk about what is happening, what to expect, and how transparent elections can be achieved, using open source software. (Dan Rather has a good program on voting integrity. Mr. Dechert suggests that we view this BEFORE the meeting. See the show, or read the transcript at http://www.hd.net/danrather .)

10:00 am - business meeting/socializing; 11:00 am - Program;
Refreshments; Guests welcome.
Join us for a no-host lunch at a nearby restaurant.

San Francisco may be at the epicenter of the OPEN VOTING movement. City officials have said they don't want to buy a proprietary black box voting system -- like Sequoia. They want open source! The City knows about open source because some of the most important open source projects have been led by San Franciscans. For example, Brian Behlendorf led the Apache project -- web server software on which most web sites (like 100s of millions) now run. Josh Berkus, also of San Francisco, has had leadership roles with open source database software and Open Office, which have 10s of millions of users around the world. Both Brian and Josh are active OVC supporters, too. No open source voting system is certified and ready for production (only a matter of money... like $100s of thousands in certification fees, for starters). We're trying to help San Francisco figure out how they can get a system like this one: http://www.openvotingconsortium.org/ad/ovs-0807.pdf

I'll be talking about all this and more. Please attend if you are in the area. Kindly forward this announcement to anyone that might be able to attend.

Thank you and best wishes.

Alan Dechert

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