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Support AB 2097!

Latest News about AB 2097:

We were successful in our first test. Our opposition received no votes. We received five votes and there were two abstentions.

Now we need 41 votes in the Assembly (80 members). Keep up the support! Thanks!

This bill is sponsored by Open Voting Consortium, and carried by California Assembly Member Jackie Goldberg (D-Los Angeles).

Here is Secretary of State McPherson's letter in opposition. Here's an outline of my testimony.

You can also mail or fax a letter of support. For some ideas for what to write, click here for our fact sheet. Here is a sample letter from the Grey Panthers:

March 26, 2006

The Honorable Jackie Goldberg
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
FAX: 319-2145
Attn: Bob Reid
RE: AB 2097 (Goldberg) Open Source Software for Elections

Dear Assemblyperson Goldberg:

Gray Panthers California is pleased to express its support for your measure AB 2097 which would require that all technical details, including computer source code, of computerized vote tabulating systems be publically disclosed by June 30, 2007.

We have watched the efforts all across the nation to come up with voting machines that we believe relay true and accurate results of our votes. To date, we are unsatisfied with what we've learned. As you have pointed out, experts cannot to date find systems to assure accuracy. Part of our concerns are based on the fact that programers input instructions about which we are unaware and have no way of studying. This is the source of our concern - that computerized voting machines can be made to reflect the vote in any way they are manipulated, unless there is a truly transparent disclosure of their programs. Vendors should grant us the right to public inspection and testing of their programs. Further distribution of that software and its specifications should be handled by the Secretary of State within the state voting system certification system.

We are pleased to join in this effort with you and to forward our intentions to all coalition members with whom we advocate.


Joan B. Lee
Legislative Liaison


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Joan B. Lee
Legislative Liaison
Gray Panthers California
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5313 Fernwood Way
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