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OVC Demo Gaining Exposure

By Alan
Created 2008 Feb 26 - 7:40am
Every day, more and more people are getting a look at OVC's voting machine on a disk. We want to get our latest disk -- released today -- into the hands of as many people as possible.

Please read my previous article [1] about it. We have added a few features including the tabulation program. As before, you can download the disk [2] or request a copy. Also, we will be handing out copies in person to interested parties.

Here are a few notes on this release:

Thanks again to Jan Karrman for making this happen. Also, thanks to Stephanie Fox, who wrote the tabulation program. This is Stephanie's first code contibution to the OVC system.

I think this disk marks a major milestone for OVC. We might just change some minds about how to efficiently use resources to implement a secure and reliable voting system.

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