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Artist's Rendering of Proposed OVC Voting Booth

By Alan
Created 2010 Aug 4 - 10:08am

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A higher resolution copy of this artist's rendering is available here [1].

The biggest challenge to making the OVC system widely available is creation of the PC-printer unit shown in the drawing. It would be a battery-powered inkjet printer with a processor (like Atom-based netbook or nettop). We are working hard to find a hardware partner and investment necessary to make this. The software and the other hardware are comparatively easy to make.

The booth would fold up into a neat case about 28 inches by 26 inches and about 3.5 inches thick, weighing around 20 pounds. Set up would take only about 2 minutes. The pc-printer unit would store separately, booted, connected and locked into place after the booth is set up. The touch screen panel and cables would stay with the booth when stored.

Thanks to Morgan Hastings for making creating this rendering.

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