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Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Medea Benjamin and Bob Fitrakis Endorse OVC!

By Alan
Created 2005 Feb 27 - 2:28pm

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- On February 27 Congresswoman Maxine Waters spoke at the “Who Got Glitched and How Do We Fix It” Teach-In organized by Citizens Act. “We can have no voting machine that does not have a paper trail!” she proclaimed to the crowd. After her talk Open Voting Consortium Director of Development Lara Shaffer spoke with her about the Open Voting Consortium’s open voting system which includes a voter verified paper ballot summary that counts as the vote and runs on open source software.

Shaffer also spoke with Bob Fitrakis, reporter for Freepress.org and one of the four lawyers who filed the Moss v. Bush lawsuit that drew national attention to the problems with the 2004 General Election in Ohio. “I looked at your brochure and think it’s a good system,” he said. He signed the endorsement statement as did Medea Benjamin, Founding Director of Global Exchange (www.globalexchange.org [1]) and co-founder of Code Pink.

Shaffer also spoke with Bev Harris about the open voting system and Harris said, “I refer people to Open Voting Consortium all the time.”

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