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OVC Supporters

The Open Voting Consortium has won support from a wide spectrum of election experts, elected officials, voting rights activists and people concerned about the future of Democracy throughout the world. Send us your picture and a statement of why you support OVC and join our gallery.

Equal Justice Society [1], a national organization dedicated to changing the law through progressive legal theory, public policy and practice.

Prior to taking the helm of the Equal Justice Society in 2003, Paterson worked at the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights for twenty-six years, thirteen of them as Executive Director. Paterson led the organization's work providing free legal services to low-income individuals, litigating class action civil rights cases, and advocating for social justice. At the Lawyers' Committee, she was part of a broad coalition that filed the groundbreaking anti-discrimination suit against race and gender discrimination by the San Francisco Fire Department. That lawsuit successfully desegregated the department, winning new opportunities for women and minority firefighters.

United for Peace [2] and Justice. She is also a co-founder off Global Exchange [3] and CODEPINK: Women for Peace [4], a women's group that has been organizing creative actions against the war and occupation of Iraq. Media is very concerned about the election system in the U.S. and supports the Open Voting Consortium solution.

People to People TV [5] and the maker of the film Electile Dysfunction [6], which is a 56 minute documentary that explores the story behind the scenes of the November 2004 Presidential election, showing a complicated and technical subject in lively montage style, interviews interlaced with dark humor, short animations and musical interludes. Penny favors Open Voting and the Open Voting Consortium’s system is mentioned in the “solutions” part of Little’s film.

US Count Votes [7], Election Data Archive, an organization formed to investigate the accuracy of our elections. Kathy works tirelessly to reform the electoral system, including sponsoring statistical analysis of exit polls that show conclusively that the Ohio Presidential election of 2004 should have been awarded to Kerry (See Problems page [7]). About OVC: "It is the best system I have ever seen! This system has so many safe guards."

Alliance for Democracy [8] and the Oregon Voter Rights Coalition. The latter was formed to restore public ownership and oversight of elections, and to ensure the fundamental right of every American citizen to vote and to have each vote counted as intended in a secure, transparent, impartial, and independently audited election process. She supports the Open Voting Consortium in their mission to prgram open source software and to devise election safeguards like paper ballots with bar codes.

Kathy Dopp [9]
Lori Flynn, Ph.D.
Chris Gates [10]
Matteo Giacomazzi
Rick Gideon
Jean-Paul Gignac, Developer
Joseph Lorenzo Hall
Cory Hamma
Teresa Hommel [11]
Kurt Hyde
Jan Kärrman [12], Developer
Bob Kibrick
Eron Lloyd, Developer
Fred McLain, Development Lead for prototype

Lou Montulli [13]
Anand Pillai [14], Developer
Eric A. Smith
Charlie Strauss, Ph.D. [15], Los Alamos Computer Scientist
Arnold B. Urken, Ph.D.

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